My IELTS Blooper

This past weekend, I sat for the IELTS again.

I received all 9s last time I took the exam, but I doubt that will be the case this go-round. Why? Because I made a stupid mistake that could have been avoided.

One of the reading passages asked test takers to identify animals that display certain intelligence markers. The options were something similar to this:

  1. Dogs

  2. Crows

  3. Parrots

  4. Dolphins

  5. Chimpanzees

I put down letter “D” for “Dogs” instead of the actual answer “A”. Although I knew the correct response, my brain went, “Yeah, it’s obviously ‘D’. D for dogs.” Nope. It was “A” for dogs.

So my recommendation to you is to WRITE OUT your answers rather than use the letter representation. That is, so long as you have time during the exam.

Learn from my mistakes. And, as always, happy studying. :)